Welcome To Chembridge

Founded in 1991, Chembridge had been devoted in UV curing technology (RadTech), (ex. photoinitiators, monomers, oligomers…etc.) , plastics additives (flame retardants, antioxidants, uv absorbers/light stabilizers…etc.), and other specialty chemicals (ex. silanes, epoxy…and more) for all kinds of high-tech application fields, including high-end inks, hard coats, thin films/ thick films/ optical films, electronics, and other related supply chains. In addition to headquarters in Taiwan (New Taipei City), and China business centers in Nanjing and Dongguan, we also established full equipped QC and RD centers in both Taipei and Nanjing, to guarantee our customers with CHEMBRIDGE® verified qualities. Our unique operation mode has granted us unique core value and compatibility to supply our customers with professionalism.

Chembridge’s core value: to supply with our own QC center and knowledge-trained professions, and establish a solid bridge between customers and right chemical products.

(p.s. From 1991~2012, our old office was at Fu-Hsin S. Rd. in Taipei City. Then we moved to the new address in Taiwan Industry Park at Datong Rd. in New Taipei City in 2013.)

Chembridge Business Plan

1.Sustainable planning, research and development

2.Professional manufacturing technology

3.Strict qulity control

4.Senior engineer for customer service and technical counseling

5.Insightful view of the market

6.Strong, unique and non-copyable corporate culture forms blue ocean value