After 20 years of accumulated experience and inheritance, Chembridge UV curing series products are able to offer customers complete solutions whether in a traditional or new applications.

PCB Related Field

Photoresist/ etching/ solder mask inks

Low DK (dielectric constant) resins

Cross linkers for high-Tg purpose

Adhesion promoters for cupper clad

Halogen-free flame retardants

UV Inks/ Coatings / Adhesives / Specialties

Printing inks/ top coating / hard coating

UV adhesion/ sealing related specialties

Surface finishing applications

In-mold tech( IMD/ IMF/ IMR/ IML)

Adjustment for mechanical properties

Liquid Crystal Display Panel & Other Electronics Applications

High refractive index monomers for BEF (Brightness enhancing film)

Low refractive index monomers for anti-reflection application

Optical applications, ex. LOCA ( liquid optical clear adhesives)

Improving low-wrap & scratch for optical films Performance

Color resists technology

Various Traditional and Novel UV Applications

Automobile headlight lamps, cosmetics packages, high RI lens…etc.

Cable/ wire /optical fiber coating applications, such as weather-resistant, flame-retardant,…etc.

Surface treatments for electronics, eg. cell phone, laptop

Plastics processing additives

Impact resistant, antioxidant, light stabilizing properties